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We are an international collaboration of artists, programmers, composers, and designers aimed at creating the next generation of video games.

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At the heart of Malaysia known for the twin-towers, shopping, and cultural diversity, Prototype Studios was born.

Our humble beginnings as the friendship between Haikal Izzuddin and Raihan as impetus for a start-up company is not as strange as you might think. They have met in while working on a project previously, but it was their shared love of computer games, animation, and comics that cemented their future. Prior to founding Prototype Studios, they estimate that, between the two of them, they played every modern computer game ever made. Not as easy to do as you would think, considering they had school to attend to.

Haikal started doing freelance programming in 2014. Raihan brought his artistic chops to the partnership shortly thereafter. They realized that their need to express themselves creatively was pulling them in a different direction. They hooked up with a talented group of game programmers and artists, and Prototype Studios became a reality on January 26, 2016 in a small office in Kuala Lumpur.

Our first big announcement was an action/adventure game called Project Empires. Using Unity and a customized framework to help create a reality and story that will touch every player. We went on and not just create games but software that improves everyday lives.

Our story continues to evolve. It is our goal to create a work environment that is hardworking and fun. We want staff to feel that they belong to an organization that cares about them as individuals and encourages teamwork and common goals. Our vision is to create, deliver, and evolve the most emotionally engaging games in the world. We invite you to join us on the journey.

Executive Team

Haikal Izzuddin
CEO & Lead Programmer
Norazrina Zahari
Financial Director
Raihan Erviansyah
Art Director
Roberto Taminelli
Game Director
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